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These books are fictional and in a Canadian setting

Lake of Gulls


Lake of Gulls

Quality Bound 6" x 9" Paperback, 402 pages on high quality Westminster Book paper.

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After the release of his first novel, the Globe and Mail said that Richard Gould was a writer to watch. Here's his newest novel. Watch this!

Synopsis: At the end of a hot summer, Ken takes Pat on a fishing trip to Kiosk, the town of their birth. When they arrive, Pat is shocked and saddened to see that the church, the school, and all the houses he knew as a child, are gone. Nothing remains but a few lonely sidewalks -- and the ghost of forgotten residents.

Driven by the loss he sees in Pat, Ken decides it's time to protest the decision that left many of his friends and family unconnected and adrift. He contacts the media and then, drawing on skills he obtained during a lifetime in the bush, he leads the police on a wild chase. He taunts them, the government, and those people in power who, two decades earlier, orchestrated the death of the town.

Suzette's career as a journaist is failing, but when her boss dicovers she was born in Kiosk, he sends her to cover the breaking story of the protest. She arrives to find an old friend and her first love in grave danger. The police, tired of the ridicule, are sending in a tactical unit and Suzette's reports almost lead the police to Ken. Alienated from her old friends, she is caught between job and friendship.

Politicians, Native Leaders and corporate executives are drawn into the conflict and some are pushed to acts of desperation. Caught in a situation that is growing increasingly dangerous, Suzette, Pat, and Ken are forced to make decisions that will not only define their pasts, but also decide their futures -- and time is running out.

Red Fox Road


Quality Bound, 6" X 9" Paperback

300 Pages (c) Richard Gould

isbn 0968035353Red Fox Road

Northern Ontario forest. A complex habitat, rich in lumber, water, game and fish. Above all, it is beautiful. The older the trees, the easier it is to feel their power, their presence, their spirit. When a government bureaucracy sells logging rights for a section of old- growth, the struggle begins. Loggers, environmentalists, police and citizens all take their places in this intricate and dangerous dance. In the calm before the storm, a young couple -- a computer salesman and an artist -- find their dream property in the deep woods just south of the old growth forest, pines and yellow birch stretching 120 feet into the heavens. Their marriage, their financial survival, and their futures are at stake. Dave and Susan Spencer restore an old house, and are just about to move in when they discover that the woods are darker and deeper than either of them had imagined







Calvin Remembers

Sold out.

Calvin Remembers

Calvin Remembers is a history of the Amable du Fond and Mattawa River area of mid-north Ontario. It is presently sold out and we are in the process of releasing another printing. Check back later, or email us at for further details