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Who names all the colours we see at the dealership?

What the heck is Bittersweet? It’s a colour? Orange? NO WAY! And if a manufacturer chooses this name from a list, what is on the list of rejected names?
For years automotive manufacturers have been coming up with wildly descriptive names ...for colours. It’s a long way from Henry Ford’s “You can have any colour you want as long as it’s black.” For 2015, Ford has Kona Blue, Molten Orange, and Sunset Metallic; all of which are somewhat descriptive, but what about some of the more eclectic colour labels? Caribou Metallic, Guard Metallic, and Electric Spice? These leave a lot to the imagination.
Can you picture the employees who are responsible from naming the new colours? I would assume they have meetings, compile lists, and brainstorm possibilities. It’s an honour to have a name make it into production, but I wonder if there is a list of rejects. Here some of the labels that may have made that list.
Puce Red. At first this doesn’t sound too bad, but Puce is the French word for Flea and puce is like the dirty red colour one might find in a laundry basket after a flea infestation.
Deep Rust Metallic: Although not a bad colour, few people would want to refer to their car as Rust.
Liver Brown: Not a universal favorite.
Bile Green: Continuing on negative bodily functions.
And number one on the list is Vomit Yellow: Do I need to say more?



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