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The CPC is your source for information on the ecology, the environment, and social opinion.

We are located on a beautiful and quiet spot on Lake Charlotte.  And, the world just passes us by.Little Moose Lake

Paper or Electronic

There is a growing movement to eliminate books in print and to move to electronic publishing.  This is based on the notion that it is easier, more accessible and better for the environment. Do we really need instant access to books that we will never read -- we cannot experience them through osmosis.  And are the landfills better off with the discarded remnants of so many electronic devices, including readers, laptops and commuter screens.  And finally, what could be easier than grabbing a printed manuscript and flipping through its pages?  These books and magazines can be recycled and don't wind up polluting landfills.


Don't write fiction about great events, write fiction about interesting and great people who experience great events.